Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend update

It somehow feels odd for me to write here, as this has always been my photo journal, but I think it is something I am going to have to get used to. I would rather stay here at my stable blog site than have to start over again. At this point, I don't have the time, energy or initiative to start something new. So, that being said - this is where you can find me.

I think the medication may be slowly kicking in. I am down to two naps a day most days, and sometimes even one. I am keeping a "health diary" in order to keep track of how I am feeling so that when I go for my six-week checkup I will have something concrete to pass on to my physician. Donna, bless her little heart, has been helping me with my exercise program. She makes me walk with her everyday and so far this week we have logged in about 15 miles. I have practiced my yoga twice only, but will probably do more of that next week after one more session with my instructor on Monday. I have to force myself to walk and hopefully soon, I will want to rather than have to!

Friday night we went out to a birthday party. Scotty and Amanda (who are dating) have their birthdays on the same day - which we have always thought kind of cute. Anyway - Scotty turned 21, Amanda 19, and we had a great time with family and friends. I met Amanda's parents for the first time and found them to be extremely interesting people. We were told to be on our best behavior and were not allowed to say "fuck"! I wasn't sure why the hell they invited me if we were supposed to be on good behavior, because I am usually not, but Barb said I was there for my witty reparte! LOL..I believe I held up my end of the conversation and didn't say fuck once! The rest of the gang I have known since the beginning of time it seems - but in actual fact only 32 years. We always have a great time together and delight in seeing how far our adult conversation will actually go in grossing the kids out. This time we told them a tale of Mitzi the stripper, ping pong balls and a flute. I had always thought this an urban legend, but it seems there was at least one person in our midst who had actually seen her performance! Much to the dismay of our children, we continued on this tangent until they declared they didn't want to hear anymore of Mitzi's exploits as it were! Sadly - Mitzi doesn't dance any more, but she was one talented stripper! LOL....

I plan on keeping the week fairly low key as we have guests this weekend. A girls weekend out - so I have to be in top form to keep up with the young ones! I am twice as old as they are! Actually though, if the birthday party was any indication as to who can outlast who - I was the last one to bed, with Scotty and Amanda falling asleep on the couch well before midnight, BJ heading to bed soon after. I actually didn't hit the sheets until about 2 a.m. Wimps - the whole lot of them!


Chandramoon said...

Hi there - thanks for saying hi at Vox. It's very interactive there but EFx is working again at the moment!

I have an account here but it's always dead - no-one comments or anything.

Keep in touch wherever you blog!

laughingwolf said...

lol... hope your meds work and you get back to your old routine, laurie

Dee Jay said...

LOL I think you and I would be a fun combo at something like that, but one of us would probably say "fuck". Ooops!

I love that Donna is cracking the whip and making you go walking. She's looking out for you!

Hopefully, the meds will start kicking in even more soon.


logis said...

A stripper with balls and a flute, hmmmmmmm, isn't that just a fallen dragqueen? :-)