Sunday, July 13, 2008

I am here my fellow EFXers!

I will be posting here at this blog as it seems EFX2 has totally died. I usually just post photos here, but this will now become my permanent home. I don't have time to maintain two blogs and I know there are many of you over at Vox. I will be in touch with those folks over there to let them know where I am and I will try to get around to each of you here at blogger as well. If I don't have you listed on the side and linked please put your link in the comment section!

Peace out!


Dee Jay said...

Yay! I was hoping you'd find a place to start writing again.

Do say hello to Donna for me! : )

I love your background. I was actually eyeing this one or something similar to it when I was hunting for one of my own. It's really gorgeous.

Have an awesome Monday!

laughingwolf said...

hiya kg... was wondering what was happening

i use this place, for the most part, but am active on too many others to keep track of, and get invites daily to join more... as of last week, i refuse to join ANY....

Jana's Indigo Moon said...

Hi Laurie,
I have a blog here now too, revived my old one.

I am back from a very long drive to Oregon and back. Whew!
Will post more later.

logis said...

Nice blog, will take it up in my links!

Dr. Dog said...

Hi, Laurie. Nice to see you, too. Not sure where I am going to pitch my tent permanently now, but I have a Blogspot presence, too. So ...

We made it through the death of MB, and we'll make it through this, too. (We're not contagious, are we?)