Saturday, September 20, 2008

Most Alien Place on Earth

Hey peeps! A quick update while I take a break from typing doctor speak!

This week has been super productive for me, so I MUST be feeling better. My visit to the doctor indicated that my TSH is indeed returning to more normal levels. YEAH! I am going to continue on the meds for another two months and then have another recheck just to see how things are going. Yoga and change in diet are definitely a factor as well, as I have lost many inches as well. YEAH AGAIN!

Yesterday I went to Costco to pick up my card and get my photo taken. God that place is so ginormous! I didn't buy anything but wandered around checking things out for my next shopping trip. Neil, Brenna and I are going on a "family" shopping day to buy in bulk and then divide them by 3. Sounds like a plan.

Then, I took a trip to Ikea to buy Donna two new dressers for her room so I can get her shiznit organized. That girl has so many clothes, nicnacs and medical supplies that somebody needs to organize her ass. That person - is me. Hopefully by next week there will be some order to her chaos and I can get everything OUT of my room that is supposed to go in hers! That will be triumphant.

Neil and Brenna were both over yesterday and were both full of interesting information. Neil showed us this super cool island, which is located off the coast of Africa that is older than Methusela and labeled "The Most Alien Place on Earth". It is super cool and a definite MUST see. Check it here:

On that note I am off to complete my day's work. Peace out!


ben said...

You left Costco without buying anything???
Gall Guiness, I would not have believed it was possible!

And I want my own island...wait, I have one...but I want one that is tropical!!

GL reorganizing!

laughingwolf said...

grats on all fronts, kg...

that place looks super!

laughingwolf said...

you ok?