Thursday, September 13, 2007


I love this picture! This is my friend Don or Donnie as I so affectionately call him. He is my OLDEST friend and one of the members of OUR "Group of Seven" (not to be confused with the artists). We used to cause much mischief and mayhem when we were young and if you kept up with my blog on efx2, then you will know about our playing "Purse", drinking in Waterton, and being chased by a gang of hoodlums. (I showed Donna the yard we hid in on our walk around town). Don used to love to come out to the farm and stay with Patty and I without his sister Donna and we always used to have so much fun. I hadn't seen him for quite some time, but he drove down from Calgary to see us when we were in Taber. Don was my ex-husband's roommate through his first and second year of university, and then lived with me for awhile when he went to summer school. We have shared far too many memories to recount and it just felt so good to see him this summer.


Patty said...

Really like your new layout. Isn't it nice meeting up with old friends again. Nice photo.

laughingwolf said...

fun times, but not forgotten! ;) lol