Monday, September 10, 2007

French Fries

This is one of the photos I took at Taber Cornfest. Every year at the end of August the town celebrates with a real old fashioned "carnival". There is a small midway, lots of displays with quilts, old cars etc., arts and crafts booths, and then of course food booths featuring the world famous Taber Corn! Believe me it is the best I have ever tasted and anyone from there is a corn connoisseur. This is just one of the food booths. There are more photos to come.


Patty said...

I have a feeling efx 2 WON'T be back up again, so everything I had saved there to use later not only on that blog but this one, is gone.

Apparently Keith posted something about taking it down, before most of us even got to read it, some did and that's how I heard from my daughter Audsmom, but I already deleted the e-mail, so I can post it here.

laughingwolf said...

i agree, taber corn is the best i've had, too, laurie

pat, i'm surprised, but only insofar as it took so long for him to pull the plug

some friends i visited there i have emails for, others will be lost

Lizzie said...

i don't think i've ever had taber corn but i'm so hungry right now i'd eat practically anything. ;)

Dee Jay said...

Hurray! I found you!

I'll put your link on my page. : )

The shoutbox was confusing for me, but LP helped me with where to put it. I left the address for the shoutbox site over in my shoutbox for you and Selkie. : )

P.D. said...

I love corn.

There's these beautiful people in the Rocks in Sydney at the Sunday markets, who boil beautiful big cobs of sweetcorn and they're singing and dancing to latin music at the same time, and you pay a few bucks and they hand you the biggest cob you've ever seen on a stick, covered in butter and some kind of ridiculously nice seasoning. The aroma is insane.

I must have some, actually. This weekend!!