Monday, November 03, 2008

The Deck

Deck Collage

As promised, a picture of my neck deck. The progression was interesting and sure as hell took a long time! I am looking forward to the spring when I can do some planting and get everything all cozy and earthy.


OndeOnde said...

Hi Laurie!!!! it's been such a long time!! Hope everyone is in the best of health.

Hey, what a nice deck you have there! Now, I envy you!! Do post the picture when you have all the planting done *wink!

Enid said...

That is super cool!!

I love seeing progression photos.

Anonymous said...

You did a great job on the deck. I like that picture with the guy standing by the pile of lumber. That says a lot. LOL

Hope everyone in your family is OK. Me and Patty are making it with the youngest daughter, granddaughter and Baby Kitty cat living with us now. So far nobody has blinked.

Joe "The Artist" Hagarty said...

Great job on the deck Laurie.

Scott said...

Wow, Check that out, looks great!!! I bet you cant wait till summer now!

Found your blog cause you put up a link to mine. Woo Hoo, I have an active reader!

Not sure if we'll be able to get over there this xmas, but we just might have time. I'll talk to lyndz. Emma has changed so much now, would be nice to bring her by.

ben said...

That's awesome Laurie, you will get a lot of use out of that I am sure!

laughingwolf said...

kg, about time, no? :O lol