Sunday, July 08, 2007

Donna and Crafties

Here is a picture of Donna with my "Crafties". The actual name of our group is the "Crafty Bitches", but quite frankly, none of us are bitchy! LOL....They are a good looking bunch aren't they? We all lived within a few steps of each other when we lived on the island, so they ladies watched Donna grow up from the time she was 9 to the young lady she is now.


laughingwolf said...

not a 'bitch' among em, fur shur ;) lol

looks like a fun bunch :)

Patty said...

A friend of mine belongs to a group called The Stitching Bitches. She said they don't do a lot of stitching but they do a lot of bitching. Mostly they just get together, hang out, have a drink or two and talk a lot.

Have a terrific week-end.