Friday, April 06, 2007

Egg Wreath

I like this window display with the softness of the eggs contrasting with the grapevine wreath. The colours are so soft.


Patty said...

Beautiful photo of the eggs. Happy Easter to you and your family.

laughingwolf said...

i agree with pat, all the best to all of you

Abraham Lincoln said...

I had just posted my reply to T and your comment popped up. Thank you for that. You will have to go back and read why I got the stuff back. LOL. I got more. Some of it looks pretty good too. I will have to post it tomorrow.

Thanks for coming by my 720 pixels blog.

Brookville Daily Photo

Abraham Lincoln said...

Darn. Then I forgot to say I liked your photograph of the eggs. ANd wishing you a Happy Easter.

I get some email from people on these new blogs in Moscow and Shanghai and places I didn't know much about. Interesting.

Abraham Lincoln said...

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You mentioned saddle soap. I have forgotten that smell but would recognize it immediately if I smelled it. I just like the smell of horses almost as much as I love to smell a dog's foot. Nobody here likes to smell a dog's foot but I sure do. The scent in their feet is how one dog tracks another so no two scents are alike.

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